OpenPlan is a platform for improved alignment, communication and planning within growing technology and software companies.
We can help you to provide the context and alignment within your teams and communicate progress with your customers.

Strategic Communication

With every aspect of your business visible in a single place the team always has the context necessary to make good decisions.
Support autonomy by sharing what matters and in return everyone will know what matters and how they can contribute.

Every step of the way be aware of how work items are progressing towards project deliverables.
Clear visualisation every step of the way means that anyone in your business can engage in product development, exploration and marketing activities.

If your business objectives or project plans change then the impact will be communicated to every stakeholder.
Use this to keep your team updated on the latest focus or to provide regular, realistic progress updates to your customers.

Quick and clear access to all your projects status wherever you are.
Removing the need for departments to learn each other’s tools your company dashboard indicates how everyone is collaborating to deliver company objectives and vision.

With OpenPlan I don’t need to guess how our product plan is progressing and my team can always see what we’re striving to deliver.
– The App Crew

This has been the most effective way to communicate our project vision to our community and potential developers.
– Fyne.io

Fully Responsive

We know that it’s important to have your company information at your fingertips wherever you are, whenever you need it. Our products are designed to work on any modern device – mobile, desktop and anything in between. You don’t even need an internet connection to load your reports – meaning you can catch up on the move. A data connection is only required to allow the app to update with your team’s latest information!


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Individual / CommunitySingle TeamUnlimited
  • Strategic business communication
  • High level project tracking
  • Project progress overview
  • Strategic business communication
  • High level project tracking
  • Detailed project progress reports
  • Manage teams and recruitment
  • Strategic business communication
  • High level project tracking
  • Detailed project progress reports
  • Manage teams and recruitment
  • Automated project troubleshooting and prediction

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